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Xcess Bar
Location: Malecón De La Reserva 610 - Larcomar.
Contact: 243-6736 // 132*9913 // 113*0726
Info: Free pass till 11:00pm. For every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, discover the other side of revelry at Larcomar.

Name: Aura
Location: Malecón de la Reserva 610 - Larcomar.
Contact: 242-5516 // 132*9913
Info: Since its opening in October 2004, Aura is considered one of the best clubs in Lima, opening its doors every weekend and some holidays, the best nocturnal experience for everyone who visits.

Name: Gótica
Location: Malecón de la Reserva 610 - Larcomar.
Contact: 628-3033 // 132*9913
Info: If you're interested in becoming a VIP member or renew your membership you can approach from Monday to Friday during office hours at Extensión San Martín, 130 to the respective payment. Duration of membership: 1 year x $ 350. Renewal: $ 250

Name: Joia
Location: Km. 97.5 Panamericana Sur (Boulevard Ibiza).
Contact: 372-7837 // 132*9913
Info: Joia Partners: preferential income through the Vip door with a guest for the whole summer season, Preference & personal attention.

Name: Macarena Bar
Location: Bolognesi 229 Miraflores
Contact: 243-6199 // 132*9913
Info: Macarena's a bar dominated by our innovative drinks, a warm atmosphere and good music eighties. Later in the morning we'll remember the best songs of the nineties and current.

Name: Bed Web:
Contact: 447-3750 // 132*9913 // 9753-7505
Info: The mixture of Restaurant & Ultra Lounge is translated into an atmosphere of sophistication, combining a fine symmetry and uniform lighting that create an elegant, warm and comfortable.

Name: Bartini
Location: Malecón de la Reserva 610 - Larcomar.
Contact: 241-1299 // 132*9913 // 827*9423
Info: Electro Tuesdays, Wednesdays are flow nigths, for lovers of pop music and hip hop, Thursdays are full dance with fun, and the best Dj's. Friday and Saturday, all music concept.

Name: Mister Fish Sur
Location: Km. 41.5 Antigua Panamericana Sur.
Contact: 132*9913
Info: Restaurant, bar & whatever you want it to be.

Name: Mamá Batata
Location: Malecón de la Reserva 610 - Larcomar.
Contact: 242-2695 // 132*9913
Info: Organize your After Office, they offer the best packs for businesses. Food, drinks and lot of fun.

Name: 701 Club
Location: Av. Grau 701, Barranco
Contact: 252-8490 // 132*9913 // 403*6702
Info: Each time the bell sounds.. 2 x 1 (Pisco sour), 2 x S/.15 (Beer). Cover: S/.10 (includes beer). Girls: Free Pass.

Name: Dolce Vita
Location: Berlín 231 - Miraflores
Contact: 242-9269 / 132*9913 / 825*1793
Info: Modern nightclub, in the heart of Miraflores, a large place, specially designed for you. Two bars, large dance floor, great sound, best music, security. A VIP area for you to enjoy the privacy you want.

Soul (Ex Drama Disco Club
Location: Playa Barranquito s/n - Circuito de Playas de la Costa Verde - Barranco               
Contact: 132*9913 // 420*6361 // 429*6967
Info: For reservations at VIF (Very Important Friends) Zone, you must be a member of Soul. The reservations must be prepaid at the main office of Soul, by appointment.

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